After trying to resolve a problem with the person
that registered our domain name for us,
Madelyn Goss @ Visual GraphXs,

we have had to change it. She continues to renew
the domain name to herself....

Lesson learned!

Please be very careful WHO you trust
with your domain name registration and web site creation.
Register your domain yourself so that you own it!

Okami Akitas had a fun Akita National Week 2018

Buster was awarded 2 Awards of Merit

and had a fun time showing off in the Top 20!

Baby Homer at just 5 months was awarded

Best 4-6 Month Puppy!

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Member of:
Akita Club of America since 1998
Blitzen Agility Club of Chicago
Border Collie Society of America

Akita Club of America member since 1998
Member of Blitzen Agility Club of Chicago


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