CH Okami's Chiseled In Stone

AKC Canine Good Citizen CGC @ 6 Months
AKC Rally Novice RN
AKC Champion @ 13 Months
AKC Beginner Novice Obedience BN
AKC Rally Advanced RA
AKC Rally Excellent RE
AKC Canine Community Good Citizen CGCA
AKC Therapy Dog Novice THDN
AKC Urban Canine Good Citizen CGCU
AKC Pre-Novice Obedience PCD
AKC Trick Dog Novice -TKN
AKC Trick Dog Intermediate - TKI
AKC Trick Dog Advanced - TKA
AKC Companion Dog Obedience CD

Therapy Dogs International - TDI Test Passed!
ATTS Temperament Test Passed! TT

Akita Club of America High in Trial Obedience 2015
Akita Club of America High In Trial - Pre National 2017

Akita Club of America Versatile Akita Award - VA
Akita Club of America Versatile Akita Excellent Award -VAX
Akita Club of America Versatile Akita Excellent Award - VAX2
Akita Club of America Versatile Excellent Award - VAX3
(Thanks to ACA for recognizing Performance Akitas!)

WCRL Rally Level Puppy RLP & Award of Excellence
WCRL Rally Level Puppy Championship RLPX
WCRL Rally Level 1 RL1
WCRL Rally Level 1 Championship RL1X
WCRL Rally Level 1 Championship II RL1X2
WCRL Rally Level 1 Championship III RL1X3
WCRL Rally Level 1 Championship IV RL1X4
WCRL Rally Level 2 RL2
WCRL Rally Level 2 Championship RL2X
WCRL Rally Level 2 Championship II RL2X2
WCRL Rally Level 3 RL3 & Award of Excellence
WCRL Level 3 Championship RL3X
WCRL ARCH Title - Rally Champion!
WCRL ARCHX Title - Rally Champion Excellent!

UKC Rally Level 1 UR01
UKC Rally Level 2 - UR02
UKC Rally Level 3 - UR03
UKC Champion
UKC Grand Champion
Multi Breed Best in Show
Gateway Nationals Best in Show!
Gateway Nationals Total Dog Best in Show!

C-Wags Starter Rally CW-SR
C-Wags Zoom Rally CW-ZR1
C-Wags Zoom Rally 1.5 CW-ZR1.5
C-Wags Games Title CW-G1

Canadian Champion - earning a Group 3 & Group 4!
Canadian Rally Novice Title - RN
Canadian Pre Novice Obedience Title - PCD
Canadian Rally Intermediate Title - RI
Canadian Canine Good Neighbor - CGN

AKC Agility Titles
Novice Jumpers Preferred - NJP
Novice Fast Preferred - NFP

CPE Agility Titles
Level 1 Handler - CSL1-H
Level 1 Strategy - CSL1-S
Level 1 Fun - CSL1-F
Level 1 Standard - CL1-R
Level 2 Handler - CSL2-H
Level 2 Strategy - CSL2-S
Level 2 Fun -CSL2-F
Level 2 Standard - CL2-R

UKC Agility Titles


Heston is our Guinness x Dreamer son.

We hadn't planned on keeping a male but just couldn't part with him.

He is a fun loving puppy with gorgeous type
and an AWESOME temperament.

Heston earned his Canine Good Citizen title
at the Akita Club of America National Specialty,
he also earned 1 leg in Rally Novice and 1 leg in Beginner Novice
all at the age of 6 months and 2 days old!
We are so proud of him!!!

Heston has retired from Obedience (he hated it!), Rally (too many sits!)
and Agility due to his age. But he has started training in Scent Work.







Owners: Linda & Frank Wolf
Breeders: Linda & Frank Wolf
DOB: March 31, 2012


OFA:  Patellas: AK-PA845/12M/P-VPI
Thyroid: AK-TH520/31M-VPI
Hips:Prelim Good - Due to a severe injury
Heston will not pass final OFA



Parents Grand Parents Great Grand Parents

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